What a wonderful honour it is to be featured in a new edition by ELLE Greece, called EASY LIVING. This beautiful bilingual magazine presents people from all over the world exploring their passions and love of the work they are engaged in. Included are photographers, cooks, florists, architects and so forth. The imagery in this “book” is stunning and definitively a great coffee table edition to any home or workplace.

I doesn’t hurt that I made the cover! Thanks to my father who actively photographs “behind the scene” images of me while in Iceland.

Dear Eydis

I would like to thank you so much for your participation in this edition. It’s an honour for me.
The idea for this edition started in a Saturday morning while reading “The Art of Stillness” by Pico Iyer and I saw your images. They created a feeling of serenity in me and the impact was really liberating. I am really thankful and I wish this emotion will be carried to our readers as well.

Your images have the ability to convey a sense of calm, relaxation and the need to stop whatever one is doing in order to surrender to total silence with yourself as your sole companion.
— Flora Tzimaka editor-in-chief ELLE Magazine - Greece

the write up from the magazine

“Wether I am at the water’s edge, or photographing the rugged horizons of my homeland, Iceland, the outcome of images is not the most important aspect for me. It is the utter joy of the moment. I am surrounded by stunning scenery, and I pause to take it all in. Everything feels right. This is where I find stillness and solitude, which truly feeds my soul. If I could bottle the feelings I experience while photographing, I definitely would.

However, working on the images can transport me and the emotions come flowing back, especially with the images that hold a special meaning to me. Such as the image I call “Blue Lagoon I” from the book The Art of Stillness, by Pico Iyer. I remember everything about capturing this image; it was a beautiful calm morning as I walked to the edge of the farm’s property. The lagoon was profoundly still, like a mirror reflecting the cloudless sky. I knew I happened on a special fleeting moment that I would never forget. I also remembered what it felt like shooting the image “The Ocean” for the same book. I remember how excited I was to be by that wild ocean and having on a few moments before the storm hit the shore.

When I am not out in nature photographing, I do my best to keep an inner balance with daily meditations and walks. This has been a tremendous help with the stresses of my life. I also try to practice mindfulness, self-acceptance and kindness and I am learning and growing every day.

To help me with this I listen and learn from mentors that are farther on this journey than I, such as Sarah Blondin, Tara Brach and Tami Simon’s podcast “Insights at the Edge”. I am so grateful to the people who are sharing their knowledge and spreading the word of kindness, compassion and universal peace.

There is always something magical that happens to my spirit during my yearly visits to Iceland. Being that I have lived away from it for over 25 years, I somehow feel transported back in time upon arrival. There is this profound sense of familiarity. I feel at home and I am there to relax, spend time in nature travelling around the island, the camera tagging along.

Another place dear to my heart is Ventura, California. I lived there several years ago, during the most difficult part of my life thus far, experiencing the death of my partner. Of late I gravitate to the beaches there, close to where the ashes were scattered just off the shore. It is a place for reflection, with a hint of sadness still, but more so gratefulness.

My greatest inspiration is the ocean or any body of water for that matter. I often find myself standing knee-high in it, my body moving with the flow. The ever-changing appearance of the ocean playing with the light is what makes it so exciting to photograph; it is never the same frame to frame, just doing its thing, ebbing and flowing. It is my wish that my work in some small way gives the viewer a moment of pause and reflection, and perhaps joy”.

“The Art Of Stillness” readers reviews

Trailer from the book “the art of stillness: adventures of going nowhere by Pico Iyer from TED.com